• Water cooled scroll industrial chiller

Water cooled scroll industrial chiller

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water-cooled chiller quotation

Air-cooled scroll industrial chiller

Chiller Features

1. Imported Scroll Compressor.

2. Water tank evaporator.

3. Shell and tube evaporator.

4. Water type condenser.

5. Air type condenser:Copper tubing-aluminum fin type and low noise rotor fan.

6. Sophisticated control board:Displaying both Set-point and actual-point,Switch of comperssor/Power/Pump,Electronic sensor RUnning Lamp,Horizontally mounted pump,Safety alarm system,Protection of comperssor overload,Pump overload/High and Low pressure.

World Name Brand Compressor

1. European,American,Japanese,name brand double screw rod series compressor.

2. Double screw rod 5:6 nuber of teeth when advanced linear design,namely can be highly effective.

3. Highly effective live threshold energy quantity control,realizes the graduation or stepless can control.The balanced design,revolves ultra static steady.

4. Moves the part to process strictly,wipes the row of gas oil counterb-alance design specially,the maintenance cycle is long,the trouble-free moves above for 40000 hours.

5. Highly offective oil separator,the exhast carries over the oil mass is smaller than 1.5%,enhances the rain heat transfer effectively,can add the festival to be durable.

Microcomputer Controlled Controlling System

1. Industrial level PLC centralized control,cooperated with compressed mechanism energy regulating system,can control the matching between cooling output and cooling loads in time,which can reduce the running cost.

2. Centralized protction measures inside such as cut-off of water flow,low temperature,high pressurd and low pressure,anti-freezing,lack-phase,revesed-phase,time elapse startup,overload,overheat of engine and difference of oil presure.

3. You can set up running condition through chinese operation system with instructions of control menu and interface that is as easy as using the family electric appliances.

Air-cooled scroll industrial chiller

Chiller Construction chart:

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