• Hopper dryer

Hopper dryer

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Hopper dryer

Hopper dryer - injection moulding machine hopper dryer


1. Using dispersed homogeneously sirocco of high-performance sirocco diffusion device,maintain plastic drying temperature unifofmity,increase dry efficiency.

2. Peculiar air tube variant edsign,can avoid powder crumbs builds up in electric heating tube bottom,cause bums.

3. Materials,barrels and intemal parts uniformly adopt stainless steel.

4. Materials,barrels and bottom separation,clear material is convenient,rapid,the refueling.

5. Proportional type deviation instructions can precisely control the thermostat,temperature.

6. June and has a dual overheating protection device,can reduce artificial or mechanical failure arising accidents.

7. Various type all can provide preheating timing device,microcomputer control,and double insufation material barrels fo choice crumbs.

8. Full digital type P.I.D control led status display.

9. 0-99 hours timer automatic startup.

10. And provide intermittent drying methods,in order to achieve province electricity purpose.

Hopper dryer

Hopper dryer

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