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Closed cold water tower

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closed circuit cooling tower

Closed cold water tower

1. The selection of outdoor conversion temperature point in cooling tower cooling mode is directly related to the cooling hours of the system.Assuming the calculate and determine the required water supply water wet air terminal at this time is 12.7 ℃, cooling tower cooling amplitude, pipe and heat exchanger heat loss water temperature 4.5 ℃, the temperature is available in outdoor wet-bulb temperature is equal to or less than 8.2 ℃ can switch to a cooling tower and cooling mode.

2. After the cooling tower in the system is selected according to cooling load in summer and outdoor calculation of wet bulb temperature in summer, its cooling capacity in cooling tower mode should be checked.

3. Plate heat exchanger should be selected for indirect cooling system.Compared with the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, the plate heat exchanger has higher efficiency.

4. In the direct cooling system, the chilled water pump in the cooling water loop should be bypassed.When the cooling tower is in cooling mode, the cooling water pump is closed, and the cooling water is passed by the cooling water pump. At this time, the circulating water power is provided by the cooling water pump.Therefore, the system design should consider the conversion of dedicated cooling pump.

5. In the design of direct cooling system, attention should be paid to the sterilization and filtration of cooling water to prevent blocking of end coils.

6. Considering the specific outdoor wet-bulb temperature and cooling tower under construction load of cold (cooling water temperature and outdoor wet-bulb temperature difference) decreases with increasing cooling packing size, so it can be used for multiple sets of cooling tower system in series of cooling tower method to increase the cooling effect, improve the cooling tower and cooling mode transformation temperature outdoor, thereby increasing cooling hours.

7. As cooling tower cooling is mainly operated in the filtering season and winter, anti-freezing facilities should be set in the cooling water system in areas with low temperature in winter, such as setting side pipes and adding heaters.

closed circuit cooling tower

closed circuit cooling towerclosed circuit cooling towerclosed circuit cooling towerclosed circuit cooling towerclosed circuit cooling tower

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